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2018 Winter Circuit Session III: Recap

By ZG Select, 02/09/18, 11:00AM EST


Recapping the 3rd Session of the Boys Winter Circuit in PA

5th Grade:

Sammy Jackson - Team Jacko:

Jackson is a young combo guard who has a tight handle and a sweet stroke. The coach’s son buried shot after shot all weekend long. Sammy is a 4th grader who played up but was able to team with older brother Shareef to form an unmatched inside out duo.

Shareef Jackson - Team Jacko:

Shareef Jackson manned the middle all weekend long finishing with numerous high level blocks. He was equally as dominant on the block offensively finishing with near triple doubles in every game.

Keiyon Reid -KSK:

The undersized point guard runs the show for his team, helping them dominate the weekend. Reid has the ability to pass ahead where his teammates should be to receive the pass, a skill that is rare at this level.

Richie Rosa – KSK:

Usually on the receiving end of Reid’s passes, Rosa posses a big time mismatch as he has great size for a guard causing smaller players to struggle to defend him.

Peyton Howell - Riverside Hawks:

Howell is a scrappy defender who gave his opponents headaches all weekend. This is a player who gets how important it is to defend.

6th Grade:

Ahmad Noel – FiDonce (MVP):

One of Philly’s top 6th graders, Noel was incredible, showing a mature skillset and approach to the game finishing with high level plays at both ends of the court. Noel seems to be clicking and we are excited to see more of him in the coming years.

Leonard Brown – Brooklyn Bridge:

Brown impressed for a second consecutive session. Brown does it all on both ends of the floor and led Brooklyn Bridge to an impressive 4-0 weekend. He will lead a team that is one of the teams to beat in New York.

Jordan Hammond – Team BBC:

Hammond is a strong guard with a tough crossover. He is comfortable pulling up in transition or taking it to the hoop. He’s a tough cover who is one to watch going into the championship weekend.

Timothy Smart - Epic YoungBucks:

Smart is a guard who moves well without the ball and as a result, makes his teammates better. His willingness to create plays for his teammates will help tremendously as Smart moves up the ranks.

Donovan Freeman – Jersey City Boys & Girls:

The 5’7 guard has a pretty stroke to go along with a high IQ. Freeman lets his play do the talking but when he talks, his teammates listen.

Anthony Martino - Riverside Hawks:

One of the top guards in New York City came to play finishing with double figures in all 4 games of the weekend.

Patrick Nguyen – VA Playmakers:

Shot making appears to be a family trait, as Patrick seems to be taking after his brother with his ability to score the ball.

Keith Cochran – K-Low Elite:

“KJ” has a swagger about his game that caught our eye. Cochran is another tough Philly guard who plays with a chip on his shoulder.

Kabrien Goss T-Town Ballerz:

With incredible feel for the game, Goss runs the show for T-Town from the point guard position. Goss has a chiseled frame built for success and is very strong.

Ajani Shepard – Castle:

A bigger guard, Shepard uses his size to cause mismatches for defenders as he willed his team to some tough wins on the weekend. Shepard also excels on the defensive end locking up his opponents refusing them to score easy shots.

Jaquan Womack – VA Playmakers:

The undersized big man has skill on both ends of the court. Womack posses a threat offensively as he is comfortable finishing over both shoulders. Defensively, he is relentless going for rebounds.

Umar Sabree – FiDonce:

Sabree teamed with Noel to form one of the strongest 1-2 punches in the division. Sabree is a great player in his own right as he continued to build a name for himself as one of Philly’s top shooters.

7th Grade First Team:

Tahaad Pettiford – Jersey City (MVP):

The fearless player came to play finishing with 81 points in 2 games on Saturday while setting a circuit record of 46 points in a shootout loss to Castle. Pettiford’s game is far beyond his years and we look forward to seeing him again in the finals next month.

Will Norman – NJ Bulldogs:

One of the biggest players in the field in frame and build. Norman dominated on both sides of the floor and had the offense run through him. In addition to starring on the 7th grade team, Norman was a standout on the 8th grade team as well.

Trey Robinson - Team POP:

The long and lanky forward blocked everything averaging over 4 per game. Robinson is a huge presence defensively and has a change to get his offense up to speed in the next few years

Brandon McCreesh – Riverside Hawks:

For the third time, McCreesh is a top performer. One of the most prolific shooters we have seen McCreesh just has a natural ability to score and make those around him better. When his team needed shots the most, McCreesh was there to make them and get the job done.

Nasir Welch – NY Jayhawks:

Welch is a shooter by nature but he also has a tendency to get everyone the ball. Welch also has very long arms to add to his diverse skillset. He possesses a well-rounded game with his best asset being his jumper.

7th Grade Second Team:

Kamal Lee - NJ Bulldogs:

Lee put up some big numbers when the defense keyed on Norman. Lee has a pretty stroke and has the ability to find the open man.

Josh Mingledolph – Hilltopper Heat:

A bigger guard, Mingledolph has a high IQ and great court vision, his size allows him to see over the defender. Guards struggle against him offensively due to his tough defense.

Mustapha Ayub - Wiz Kids:

Ayub doesn’t possess the ideal size at this age but he has a chance to grow at least another 6 inches. He is only 5’7 but with a 6’4 wingspan and his athletic and defensive ability, Ayub should be a New York City guard to watch out for.

Deuce Moore – T Town Ballerz:

The quick change of pace guard is very crafty and almost seems to have the ball on a string. Moore broke multiple ankles with his smooth crossover all weekend.

William Watson – Playaz Academy West:

Watson is a guard who makes those around him better. He was forced to the bench due to foul trouble and his team struggled. It really showed how big of an impact he can make when playing his best basketball.

Honorable Mentions:

Javon Germain –  Courtmasters Elite

Kwinton Ives – Team DREAM

Isaiah Ceasar – DC United

Cameron Samuels – Wiz Kids

Ryan Bronstein – Courtmasters Elite

Dwayne Pennicooke – Team Pop

8th Grade First Team:

Kheni Briggs – NC Elite (MVP):

Briggs must have taken it personal that he was left off the all tournament team last session as he was arguably the most dominant player of the weekend scoring in double figures every game. He knocked down tough shot after tough shot and showed off his offensive versatility. Briggs also had with a triple double in a game.

Jason Drake – The Squad:

The Squad only brought 5 players but that didn’t stop them from their incredible weekend. Jason Drake continues to impress and prove that he is one of the best players on the circuit. His on-ball ability is unmatched. Add in the bigs that will be joining The Squad for the finals, you have a strong team led by a very talented player

Corey Floyd Jr. – NJ Bulldogs:

Floyd has a strong frame with a ton of athleticism. Floyd excels in transition throwing down multiple highlight dunks on the weekend. When Harris went down with an injury, it was Floyd that stepped up and led his team.

Rodney Rice – Team Loaded DC:

Rice is a smooth point guard who has actually grown about 3 inches this past year. Rice is one of the top point guard prospects in the country and finished a game with 33 points.

Quinn Clark – Team Loaded DC:

Clark’s game doesn’t pop out at you but he is so productive, it’s hard not to notice him. A strong finisher around the basket, the 6’5 wing also uses his length on the defensive side of the ball to force a lot of turnovers.

8th Grade Second Team:

Bobby Rosenberger – Philly Triple Threat:

Rosenberger finished with 27 points in the first game, 20 in the second and a pair of 18-point performances on Sunday proving to be one of the top scorers of the third session.

Max Ragusa – NY Jayhawks:

One of the top 8th grade point guards in New York City, Ragusa showed a much improved jump shot with a newly found aggression defensively.

TJ Power – Boston Bobcats:

Power is a 6’5 matchup nightmare who legitimately played 1-5 all weekend long. His ability to make shots off the dribble and on the block is a skill we rarely get to see at this level.

Kyle Filipowski - Courtmasters Elite:

Similar to TJ Power, Kyle possesses the rare ability to play 1-5 and cause many mismatches on both ends of the floor. This ability also allows him to expand his game and play on the wing, which will most likely be his position at the next level.

Mark Armstrong – NJ Give N Go:

Armstrong caught our eye with how smooth he was and his ability to take over games effortlessly. The lanky lead guard seems destined for a growth spurt adding to his potential.

8th Grade Third Team:

Enai White - Achieve More:

Enai was incredible on Saturday morning showing his ability to take over games whenever he wanted. Unfortunately, an injury cost him to sit out on Sunday.

Jaquan Harris – NJ Bulldogs:

Another top player who went down with an injury on Saturday, Harris was able to make his mark and show why he is a top prospect in the nation.

Tyson Commander - Team Melo:

A jack of all trades clearly respects his teammates and is heavily relied on as the ball was in his hands during close games down the stretch.

Dorian Mdwenda – Achieve More:

The unsung hero of the weekend was Mdwenda. Mdwenda was good on Saturday but once Enai White went down with an injury, Dorian absolutely exploded for two huge games while knocking down well over 10 three pointers on the weekend while finishing with over 30 points in his final game on Sunday.

Andrew Nguyen – Virginia Playmakers:

Nguyen makes shots at a high percentage especially from beyond the arc. Nguyen led his team in scoring every game but also added numerous assists, rebounds and steals.

Honorable Mentions:

Rowan Brumbaugh -  6th Man Warriors

Dylan Long – Laurel Lakers

Roby Dormevil - Mass Rivals 

Fred Dilione - NC Elite

Devin Adams – Team BBC

Jaden Clayton – DC United

Isaiah Adams – DC United

Joseph Griffin – Playaz Academy West

Jordan Abssolo – Team Loaded (DC)

Brandon Graves – Achieve More